Nutrium has the possibility for you to invite other nutrition professional colleagues where you can all get benefits when subscribing to the software.

To get a discount on your next subscription start by inviting your friends to access the page "Invite and get discounts". You just need to share your personal discount code and invite friends to join you at Nutrium. 

It can be done by:

  • Registering their email and clicking in "Send invites";

  • Copying the personal code provided by Nutrium (you can edit the colored part of the link) and click in "Copy link" to share with friends or social media.

Here's how you can win back:

  • When 5 of your friends register the software using your invitation code you get 1 month for free on your subscription.

  • For each friend that subscribes using your personal code, you both get 20% OFF on your subscription, this discount can be accumulated for each friend that subscribes using your code. 

  • When 5 friends subscribe you can get Nutrium for free, as long as their account is active as well. 

You can share your code on Messenger, Facebook, or Twitter, and if you tag us on the post, we'll make sure to spread the word.

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