The InBody analyzers use the latest bioimpedance technology to assess the current body composition. 

So you can make your time during a consultation more efficient it is possible to import the data directly from the InBody software, LookinBody 120 into to Nutrium. 

1. How to transfer data from your InBody unit to LookinBody 120

  • Install the software LookinBody 120 available for Windows on your computer; 

  • Insert the LookinBody Bluetooth USB into your computer so it is able to gather all the information from InBody;

2. How to export your InBody data into .csv on LookinBody 120

  • Go to the Setup Menu on LB120 and choose the option: 10. Export Data as CSV/Image Files;

  • Choose the specific folder you want the results to be automatically saved into and make sure you choose this in the option CSV Destination Folder;

  • If you want this to be done automatically in each measurement select the option Yes under the question: "Convert result automatically to CSV file after each InBody Test?";

Check here to see how to do this in detail. 

3. How to import your CSV file into Nutrium

  • You should access your patient's profile and then go to the Measurements section;

  • In the right-hand side of where you register measurements, you will find a new import button;

  • You need to select the CSV document you want to import, and Nutrium will upload its content;

  •  A scale icon will be associated with these measurements to set them apart from the manual logs.

Got any doubts? Click here to see step-by-step how to import a CSV file generated on LB120 into Nutrium. 

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