To change the meal plans' design and layout in Nutrium you need to access the page "Configurations and Preferences" and scroll through the section "Email and printing preferences". These is will be the default settings for all your post-appointment emails and reports. 

In that section you can change the:

  • meal plan email subject;

  • the body of the email; 

  • the meal plan sections;

  • the printing design for singular meal plans and weekly; 

  • the font size of the prints. 

Here's what you can add or hide in the meal plan sections:

  • information of the client: name, email address, age, height, BMI, weight;

  • the meal plan;

  • recommendations: physical activity, foods to avoid, water intake and general advice;

  • other information: date of creation and next appointment;

  • recipes included in the meal plan;

  • your signature.

You can also switch the printing design to the:

  • box design (2016);

  • simple design (2018). 

If you normally create weekly meal plans you can also switch between the: 

  • layout with columns and;

  • the layout with a list.

If you want to see how the meal plan layout looks like, access this article for more information. 

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