Once you register to Nutrium, you can explore all the features available on the software, with no restrictions. At this point, you are enjoying the free trial for 14 days with no commitments or limit of active clients. 

When these 14 days are over, you can subscribe to a package tailored to your nutrition business needs. 

As our software works on a subscription model, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing yours. First, make sure you choose the one that fits your current needs (Meal plans or Follow-up), then make sure you choose a package according to your monthly number of clients. After that, select the frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual).

In addition to a paid subscription, we also offer an option suitable for professionals who are just starting their business and are not yet ready to invest. 

The free version of Nutrium allows you to:

  • Create a website and blog;

  • Create and share recipes;

  • Create meal plan templates;

  • Create recommendations and foods to avoid protocols;

  • Access our 15 food composition databases;

  • Enable online booking and scheduling of appointments;

It also allows you to follow-up with clients to:

  • Manage clients' data;

  • Send messages and e-mails to clients;

  • Offer clients the mobile app.

The possibility to register nutritional information, measurements, the meal plan, and recommendations are limited to one client per month.

With this free version, you can start growing your business and get it ready to when clients come through the door or schedule their appointments online.

Access Nutrium and start setting it up for your business. If business starts booming and you need to upgrade your client limit, access your Subscription page, and subscribe to a paid package.

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