With Nutrium, you can make a qualitative analysis of the meal plan and find out the energy, macronutrients, micronutrients, water and fiber your client consumes. You can use this feature in two situations:

  • Follow-up of the meal plan you assigned to the client: you can check their progress, if they are being compliant with the meal plan or if they are struggling with what you recommended to them.

  • Before the first appointment (without assigning a meal plan): you can give your client access to the app, so they can register a 24-hour recall or their food diary.

Next, we will show how this feature works in greater detail, so you can make the most of it and start using it in your consultations.

The first and most important thing is that you enable this feature in the "Configurations and preferences section".

  1. Using the food diary to follow-up on your client after prescribing the meal plan

After you prescribed a meal plan to your client, from the "Follow-up" tab, you will be able to check the progress or the difficulties they are having.

Once you are in this tab, on the right side of the page you will find an overview of your client's activities:

  • When they have consumed a food item or followed what you planned for them: ✅

  • When they made a change or replaced a food item: 🔁

  • When they added a new food: ➕

  • When they didn't consume a food: ❌

Physical activity overview

  • If they added any pictures of a meal:

  • If they wrote any notes about the meal:

For instance: the preparation method or how they felt when eating a particular food.

  • Open conversations with the client:

On the left side, you can check the monthly calendar, which includes:

  • Food record;

  • A color that specifies the behavior of the client;

Green: compliant

Orange: changes

Red: not compliant

Gray: insufficient data

  • Water intake logs;

  • Physical activity logs;

Next you will see nutritional information (compared to the goals you have planned before) in greater detail:

  • The meals and times when your client ate them;

  • Physical activity;

  • Water intake;

  • Energy;

  • Macronutrients;

  • Fiber;

  • Micronutrients;

How can I analyze and interpret the information I get from my client's food diary?

  • Compare the food diary with the meal plan that was prescribed when they were compliant

When your clients log their food diary according to what you recommended to them, the meals will show in green and the analysis will be represented in circles for energy, macronutrients and fiber and in bars for micronutrients, as shown in the image below:

  • Compare the food diary with the meal plan you prescribed to them when your client has eaten less than recommended

  • Compare the food diary with the meal plan you prescribed when the client has eaten more than recommended

When the amount ingested exceeds what was recommended, Nutrium will inform you like this:

2. Using the food diary before the first appointment

Whether your client has booked an appointment with you through our booking appointment system or you manually registered them, for you to have this qualitative analysis before your client comes to their consultation, you should give them access to the mobile app.

Once your new clients have accessed to the mobile app, they should start logging their food diaries.

If your client has logged their foods, you will see something like this:

In the monthly view of the calendar, this food diary will show in gray.

The only difference is that Nutrium will not have the information of the meal plan to make a comparison, and instead, for the micronutrients, the reference values that are on the tab 5. Meal Plan are used; and for the energy, macronutrients and fiber, the values are showed as they.

Note: this feature is available only for the Follow-up package. For more information, check this article.

What do you think of this feature? If you have any questions, get in touch with us at support@nutrium.io or through the software chat in the bottom-right corner.

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