To make a complete assessment of the client in a nutrition appointment, it is often needed to assess biochemical and analytical values. Now it is possible to send lab tests recommendations to your clients through Nutrium.

Please note: when you send lab tests recommendations to a client, they will count as an active client on the software.

How can I send lab tests recommendations to my client?

  • Access your client's profile and head to the tab 8. Deliverables tab. Here you will see the option "Lab tests", and you just need to click on "+":

  • Next you will have to fill out the following fields: request date, description, add tests, other tests.

  • By clicking on "+ Add exam" a dropdown menu with all the available tests that you can request will open. You can write the name of the lab test to find it more easily.

    Please note: if you cannot find the name of a lab test in the list, you can write it in the section "Other lab tests".

  • Finally, it is possible to print a document in PDF and deliver it to your client. Next, we will show you a preview of the document that is generated:

  • In case you don't want to print it, you can save it and add it to your client's profile, so you can check it later.

    What do you think of this feature? Is useful for your appointments? Don't hesitate to let us know your feedback or any questions about this feature through our e-mail or through the software chat.

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