Nutrium has a wide number of food composition databases, check them here. But if you are searching for a specific food product and can't find it, you can always add it to your own database in a very simple way.

To add a new food you need to go click in the section "Foods" on the left sidebar menu. After that, you need to click in the "+" sign or in "Add new food". Register the name of that new food and the nutritional information per 100 grams. Make sure to also select a food group.

Once that is done, click on "Common measures" to give your new food its usual portion, such as a tablespoon, glass, slice.

Once that food item is created it will be available in the section "Meals" included in the database "My foods"

This allows you to create your meal plan and to have all your own foods organized in one place giving you quick access to them. 

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