Our subscription packages can be adapted to different business realities, so we are sure that you'll find the one that suits you best.

The first question to ask is with how many clients do you work with on a monthly basis? The second one is what features do you currently need to in your nutrition practice

To subscribe to the best package for your business you need to choose:

  • The package features - Meal plans or Follow-up

Ou Meal Plans package is ideal if you want to organize and store your clients' files safely and online (GPDR and HIPPA compliant), and create personalized meal plans and recipes. With this package, you can also offer clients a free mobile app to send all your recommendations and reports.

The Follow-up package includes everything described above and also allows you to improve your clients' compliance and adherence between appointments, as well as your connection with them. With this package, you are able to offer them more features included in the app which include sending messages, sending weight logs, food diaries, and appointments confirmation.

  • Number of clients per month - 10, 25, 75, unlimited

A client is considered active in Nutrium, when their information, measurements, recommendations, and/or food plan are edited. They stay active during the current month when any of the above is edited.

You can have, for instance, about 50 patients registered on the software and only have 25 active clients throughout each month. The count of active clients is done every month and starts at the begining of the month (none of the information gets lost).

  • Subscription period - monthly, quarterly, semi-annual. annual

Nutrium is free of commitment, but choosing a subscription package during a longer period of time can be beneficial for your business. You can get up to a 20% discount by choosing longer subscription periods. Payment must be done at the time of the subscription.

Click here the pricing of each subscription package

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