How you can have access to the mobile app

It should be your nutrition professional to give you access to the mobile app through an email or a text message with the instructions to download the app to iOS or Android.

  • In case you receive an email, you need to follow the instructions to set up a password. Then you need to access the app with your email address and the chosen password.

  • If you receive instructions by text message, you need to click on the link. This will allow the Nutrium mobile app to be downloaded directly (if not already installed) and automatically log in on the app. The credentials used are the email provided on the client profile and a random password generated by Nutrium.

Some of these features are only available on our Follow-up Package, such as weight logging and appointment confirmation. If you have any doubts about what features you have access to, contact your nutrition professional.

App main features

  • Main dashboard;

  • Food diary;

  • Meal Plans;

  • Recommendations;

  • Measurements;

  • Appointments;

  • Messages;

  • Additional settings.

Main dashboard

Here you will be able to:

  • Update your last 3 meals of the food diary;

  • Check what the next recommended meal is;

  • Keep track of water intake goals, register what you've consumed and get reminders during the day not to forget to drink water;

  • Track physical activity by syncing with other apps or manually logging physical exercises.

Food diary

Once you are set up with a meal plan, you can update your professional on your progress by logging meals or simply letting them know you've completed them on the mobile app.

On the main dashboard, you can let them know if you have been compliant with the recommendations of the last 3 meals of the day.

You should choose the smiley face when all the recommendations have been met or the sad face when you have not been compliant. If the latter is chosen, you'll be asked to update the information on your meal.

By clicking on the two arrows, you can give additional information on the changes you've made, if you chose another food product, another serving size or if you have eaten a greater or lower amount than recommended. If you click on the three dots ... you will be asked:

  • If you did not eat these foods;

  • To restore changes to its original meals;

  • Add another food;

  • Change the hour of the meal.

It is also possible to send a picture of your meal, register any observations or add a new meal.

Meal Plans

In this section, you can check the meal plan recommended by the nutrition consultant meal by meal. If you've have been advised different meal plans for different days, you can quickly scroll through them.

If the meal plan has included recipes, you can check them in more detail by clicking over the name or accessing the menu Recipes.

You can also activate notifications to be reminded of your daily meals.

[Android only] By clicking on More info, you can check the nutritional information (kcal and macronutrients) of each meal.


In addition to the meal plan, you can also check goals set by you and your professional, foods to avoid, and additional recommendations provided in your nutrition protocol.


In between appointments, your nutrition professional can request an update on your weight progress. If so, you can register your weight logs in this section. If using Android, you just need to slide through the menus to reach the tab Measurements. If using iOS, you should click on the ... icon and choose the option Measurements.


You are also able to check upcoming appointments scheduled and have the possibility to reschedule or cancel any appointment due to unforeseen events.

Nutrium will send you reminders prior to the appointment so you don't forget them.


Through the Nutrium messaging feature, you can safely communicate with your professional. In this section, you can ask questions regarding changes you'd like to make to the meal plan, appointment bookings, send feedback on your progress, or address any question. You are also able to send photos of your progress or meals.

Any changes made on your profile, such as the meal plan, recommendations, or appointments scheduled will be notified through an automated message.

Additional settings

You can personalize the mobile app to your best use. In here you can:

  • Enable or disable all the app's notifications;

  • Enable or disable notifications of meals or choose a different time period to receive them;

  • Set the water intake notifications preferences;

  • Change units of mass, length, volume, energy, and distance.

If you do not have access to any of the features described above, please contact your nutrition professional.

We hope this article was useful, but if you have any questions, get in touch with us through the software chat and we'll make sure to answer your questions. 😊

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