The professional practice of dietitians fluctuates over the year, especially in terms of number of clients, which requires some adaptation of their work tools.

For this reason, Nutrium offers their professionals the chance to change the details of their subscription, in particular their package and the number of active clients per month.

In order to make such changes, you just need to click on your name on the right top corner and then in “Manage subscription”. Then, all you have to do is change the details in “Subscription information”.

Changing the number of active clients per month

You can change your number of active clients during your subscription period (by paying the difference between the month you are in and the remaining moths until your subscription ends) or decrease your client limit upon its renewal.

So you can activate more clients each month, you just need to change the active client limit in the Subscription Information section, click on Continue and pay the difference. Your subscription will be updated immediately.

Find out what active clients are and how they are counted.

Changing your subscription package

In addition to changing the number of active clients, you can also update your subscription package to the Follow-up package.

Give your clients the chance to communicate with you and register their physical activity and food diary in the mobile app by updating to the Follow-up package.

In the Subscription information section, you can choose the new package, click on Continue, and pay the difference. You will have immediate access to the features included in this package.

Learn about the differences between our packages here.

By default, all payments in Nutrium are automatically renewed at each billing cycle.

If you have any questions on how to change your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us directly on the software chat.

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