To make the process of requesting and paying for an appointment easier and safer both to you and your clients, now you have the option to request payments in appointment bookings.

This means that from now on, every time a client requests an appointment through this online platform, Nutrium will take care of all the payment process. When you accept the appointment, this amount will be automatically transferred to your Nutrium account. In case you don't confirm the appointment, your client will be fully refunded in an automatic way.

Next we'll show you how easy it is to enable this system so you can streamline your appointments and offer your clients the best nutrition service.

How does it work?

1. Configure the booking appointment system

First, you should configure the booking appointment system. To do so, you will have to access the Calendar section and the software will prompt you to follow three steps. You can learn more here.

In case you have already configured this system, you can skip this step.

2. Enable Nutrium's payment system

With our payment system it was already possible to generate a link to manually send your clients upon scheduling the appointment or after the appointment took place. This is a much easier, safer and more convenient payment method, made through a platform integrated into the software, Stripe. Payment information is sent directly to your client by e-mail or by accessing a link.

So you can use this new feature, you must enable the integration with Stripe. To learn how to enable this integration, click here.

By enabling the integration with Stripe, Nutrium will activate the booking appointment requests with the prepayment option by default. If you want to disable this option, you will have to go to Configurations and Preferences in the top right corner and click on disable:

From now on, this process is done automatically every time you receive a new appointment request through the Nutrium's booking appointment system.

By having this platform enabled as well and the payment system, Nutrium will ask the client to proceed with the payment of the appointment before they finish their request.

You will also receive an e-mail informing you of this request, from which you can then access the software to answer it.

This new request will be available on your Calendar with a pending status until you confirm it, reject it or let it expire once the minimum confirmation period has already passed.

Then, you just need to click on Accept or Reject. If you click on Accept, the funds will be transferred to your Nutrium account - you will be able to check this in Pending balance in the Payments page.

If you click on Reject, the request will show as Rejected, the funds will not be transferred to your Nutrium account and they will be refunded to the client.

In case a pending request expires, you will see this information in the Appointment request history in the Calendar section:

If you have an expired request, the amount will not be sent to your Nutrium account and your client will be fully refunded.

In case you want to inform your client of how all this process works, you can send them this article on how to make a payment of an online appointment request.

Payment system fees

If you want to learn more about the fees to use our payment system, please check this article.


  • There is no minimum time limit to request an appointment, so this means that clients can request appointments by the time of the appointment. If the appointment is not confirmed or rejected by the professional, the client will receive an e-mail letting them know the request has expired and that they will be able to send another request.

  • By using these two platforms - the booking appointment system and the payment system - the client will have to prepay upon requesting the appointment. In case you don't want your clients to have this option, you must access the Configurations and preferences section and disable this feature.

  • For services below 10€, the prepayment request will not be displayed to the client and they will not be charged. Still both the professional and the client will receive an e-mail confirming this situation.

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