With the payment feature, it is possible to request and receive payments from your clients. In addition to that, it is also possible to check and manage the Nutrium account payments history.

All of this online and with a few clicks. To learn how to set up this feature check our step-by-step article.

The payments feature is available in all subscription packages and during our trial, without any changes to our pricing, please check that here. You can enable this feature at any time, with no additional costs, however, some transaction fees may apply.

Below is everything you need to know about all the fees that are charged when using the feature.

1. Service fee

So that you can request and receive payment with the up-most security, we've integrated our software with Stripe. Stripe is a payment management platform operating in more than 40 countries and works with clients such as Google, Amazon, and Uber.

To manage these financial transactions with Stripe and Nutrium a service fee is charged when payments are received. The fee is fixed and charged when a payment is successful.

When you request payments and add the value of the service, you'll be able to see the final amount you'll receive after this fee has been applied.

Check below what service fees apply in your country:

After creating your Stripe account, you'll always have access to your pending balance and available balance on the right corner of the page in Payments.

The pending balance is the amount of money that has been already paid by your clients, but it is still being processed by the payment platform.

The available balance represents the amount of money that has already been processed and can be transferred to your bank account, already with the service fee applied.

This money can only be kept in your Nutrium account for 90 days, but we'll make sure to notify you when this period is about to expire.

2. Payout fee

In addition to the service fee, there is also an additional fee when you transfer the available balance to your bank account. This transaction is manual and to do that you need to click on the button Transfer available balance in the Payments page.

Every time you transfer your Nutrium balance to your bank account, you are charged with a fee. This fee is also fixed and does not vary with the amount transferred.

Check the payout feet in the table above.

At the end of each month, you'll receive an email with an invoice with all the fees that were charged (service fee and payout fee).

3. Minimum payment charge

To use these features, payment requests should have a minimum value of 10€/£10/£10. This means that to use this feature, you need to charge over 10€/£10/£10 for your services.

Click here to check our article explaining how to set up the Payments feature and start using this service. Or check here to learn how to onboard your clients in this new service.

Got any questions about the payments feature? Get in touch with our customer support on the chat or by e-mail at support@nutrium.io

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