Now it's easier to offer online nutrition appointments within our software. This new option allows you to integrate your video calls with Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype in your online appointments. These can also be synchronized with Google Calendar.

Scheduling new appointments with video calls

When scheduling a new appointment, you can let the platform know (and your clients) that this will be an online consultation through a video call. 

Choose the option "Google Meet" or "Other services". The link for the video can either be added, or automatically generated by Nutrium. Once you click the option "Synchronize appointment with Google Calendar", your client will receive an e-mail with all the information. 

Video call with Google Meet

If you choose the service "Google Meet", this will automatically sync the appointment with Google Calendar. For this, both you and the client must have a Google account.

Video call with other services

In case you opt for other virtual platforms, make sure to choose the option "Sync the appointment with Google Calendar", so both you and the client can get notified. 

You can choose from different platforms such as: 


Zoom is a video platform that can be used for free in individual calls, up to 40 minutes. To initiate the conversation, you need to schedule a meeting and invite the client by e-mail or through the link. After scheduling the meeting, copy and paste the link into Nutrium. 


This platform has been one of the first solutions to video conferencing. Nowadays, it does not require that both parties have the platform installed on their computers and log in to access. Instead, you can generate a link for the video call and add it to Nutrium

Note: In case you want to move your already scheduled appointments for video calls, you need to access your calendar and edit its preferences. The same applies to appointments booked through the Nutrium online scheduling platform. 

Google Calendar integration and client notifications

If you want the client to be notified of this upcoming appointment, make sure to enable the Google Calendar integration. This will allow the client to receive a notification on their email with a link to access the video call. 

Our next update will allow the client to access the video call directly through the mobile app. 

When you choose this for the first time, Nutrium will need you to integrate your Nutrium calendar with the Google Calendar. 

Here is why you should enable this integration: 

  • Clients will be notified by e-mail. The notification email is sent directly through Google Calendar;

  • Clients can add this event to their Google Calendar;

  • If you use Google Meet, this option is required to generate a video call link;

  • Any nutrition appointments are immediately synced in your Google Calendar. 

This integration only allows that your appointments are synced into Google Calendar, and not the other way around. Events created in the Nutrium calendar will not be added to Google Calendar. 

Here's how appointments will be shown.

Any updates to the scheduled appointment (time changes or cancelations) will also be updated on Google Calendar. Here's a canceled appointment:

You can disable this integration at any moment through your Google Account permissions

Appointment notifications through the mobile app

You can also send the notification to their mobile app, as long as you have already given them access and they are logged in. Check here how to invite clients to the Nutrium mobile app.

When it's closer to the appointment the client will receive reminders and when it's time for them to meet you they will be able to join the video call directly through the app.

How to start a video call consultation with Nutrium

First, you should click in "Start appointment" on your Homepage, as you would typically do. To start your video call, you should click on the button "Open video call" under the client's name.

A new window with the video call will appear next to your main window. This allows you to fill out all the info about clients while you are still seeing them. 

This feature is available for both Nutrium packages: Meal plans and Follow-up.
Check the article on our blog to learn everything about this feature. 

Access the Nutrium calendar and start booking appointments using our video call feature.

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