Now with Nutrium your clients are already prepared for the decisive moment: going to the supermarket and getting some groceries!

Note: The shopping list feature is only available in the client's mobile app and it can be automatically generated from the meal plan that was recommended by the nutrition professional. For confidentiality purposes, considering that the client can add other products (including non-food products) to the list, the nutrition professional does not have access to the client's shopping list.

How does it work?

  • Create an automatic shopping list

    • In case it is the first shopping list the client will create, they can click on "Create a shopping list in just a few seconds" in the Homepage. The client can also click on the + orange icon and choose the option "Shopping list".

    • Next they should select "Create automatic list" and specify the number of weeks for which they want to generate the shopping list. Then the foods contained in their current meal plan will automatically show.

      On Android devices

    • Note: the customer can delete any food from this list or edit the name, number of meals or quantity of food.

    On iOS devices

Create a manual shopping list

  • In the Homepage the client should click on the + orange icon and choose the option "Shopping list":

  • Then they will have to click on "Create manual list" and select the "+" symbol to start adding the foods or products they want to add to their shopping list.

On Android devices

On iOS devices

How to delete, edit or duplicate a shopping list?

On Android and iOS devices

For any of the options that your client chooses to create their shopping list, they will be able to duplicate it, delete it or edit its name.

  • In the upper-right corner, they will find 3 dots. By tapping them, they will see the 3 options: Delete, Edit and Duplicate.

  • If the client selects "Duplicate", a new list will be created with the word "(Copy)" at the end.

  • If they select "Edit", they will be able to change the name of the list.

  • If they select "Delete", the list will be eliminated.

Important things you should know about this feature:

  • In the shopping list, the quantity of the food shows in grams (g) and these will group according to the quantities you set in your client's planning. For example: if you added 10g of oat flakes for 7 days, your client will see that they will have to buy 70g of oat flakes.

  • For equivalent foods (e.g. when you add pasta or rice to the meal plan) both foods will be included (0-14 meals, 0-1820g). The client will see something as it is shown in this picture:

  • Regardless of the food (liquids included), the client will always see the quantities in grams.

  • It is possible to generate a shopping list for one week minimum and five weeks maximum. Your client will be also able to duplicate a shopping list and save it to be used later on.

  • Your client can edit the foods that are included in the shopping list at any time, or they can add other products, such as napkins, soap or any other product that they want to add to complement their grocery shopping.

  • To mark a product that has already been chosen, the client just needs to press the box with the name of the food, and this symbol ✅ will automatically show, and this means it was already ticked.

And in this simple way, your client will be able to have their shopping list at hand at any time. And without the need to have access to the Internet to be able to create or consult it.

We hope you are as happy as we are with this feature! If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us in the software chat (which you can access in the lower right corner) or by email (

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