With Nutrium you can create recipes as an addition to your clients' meal plan, to print them individually, or to post them on your Nutrium website.

To do that, access the left side menu "Recipes".

Click on the button "Create new recipe", follow the steps in order to create a complete recipe.

After choosing the name of your recipes, cooking method, and all the ingredients, you can add several portions to that recipe, by clicking on "Portion and common measures", the number of portions you choose will affect the energetic value of the recipe when analyzing its nutritional information.

Some recipes might be just one portion so the total calories and nutrient analysis will be related to the whole recipe.

When we go to our recipes list, the nutritional information values are always displayed considering 100g of that recipe.

To add your recipes to the meal plan, you just need to go to "Meals" and when adding food options to a meal choose the database "My recipes"

This allows your client to have all your recipes with easy access on the mobile app.

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