With the Nutrium community you can have access to thousands of recipes and use them in your clients meal plans, as well as share your recipes with other professionals.

In "Recipes" you can search for recipes created by you, Nutrium and other nutritionists, using the filters at the top of the screen. It is also possible to save a recipe as a favorite by clicking on the button with the heart symbol, and then consult it or add it to your customer's meal plan.

Community recipes can be used in the meal plan, see how in this article. If you want to use a recipe as inspiration, you can duplicate it and make changes, just as you can with recipes created by you or Nutrium.

All recipes available in the community are identified with the Author's Name, ensuring that their content is credited and allowing you to connect with other professionals, as you are directed to the professional's website by clicking on their name within the recipe.

How can I share my recipes with other professionals?

In order for your recipes to be available to other nutritionists, you must make them public. You can do this by changing the recipe status from "Private" to "Public" by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the recipe page.

Afterwards, you should click on the Community button:

To share your recipe with the community it must meet the following criteria: be unique and different from the default name and have at least: a title (which cannot contain the word "copy" or "recipe"), an ingredient and a step of the preparation registered, as well as not be written in upper or lower case only.

Should you wish to, rest assured that you can remove the recipe from the Community after having it public, as well as make it private again. In order to do that, you will only need to uncheck the buttons "Community" and "Website" respectively:

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