Nutrium also offers an app that nutrition professionals can provide to all your clients, free of charge. 

With the Nutrium mobile app, your clients can: check the meal plan and recommendations, receive notifications during meal times, register their weight, height, water intake, log their food diaries, and physical activity. 

How to give clients access to the mobile app

  • Access the last section of the appointment flow/client profile, 8. Deliverables:

  • Choose how you want to send instructions in the section Mobile app for the client;

1. By email address:

If you choose the option by email, make sure that your clients' email is correct. They will receive an email with all the instructions needed to access and request to set up a password. 

2. By SMS Message - The easiest way to invite clients

Choose the option to send by SMS. For that, make sure that the mobile phone contact is correct. Clients will receive a message on the mobile with a unique link to log in. 

When they click on the link, the Nutrium mobile app will the downloaded directly (if not already installed), as well as the login on the app. The credentials used are the email provided on the client profile and a random password generated by Nutrium. This way clients can access the mobile app with a few clicks. 

Attention: This link is only active for 48 hours. If during this time the client does not access the mobile app, you'll have to send another message with a link. 

If later on, any clients log off the mobile app, they can update their credentials by clicking on the option "Don't have access?", on the log in page of the app. 

3. Providing access during the consultation

If you do not have access to an email address or mobile contact, you can give them instructions to log in during the nutrition appointment. Nutrium will provide the client with a random email address and password (as a professional, you will only see the password on the moment you generate it). 

As soon as the client logs in for the first time, you can see this notification on Nutrium.

Sending instructions by SMS is only available in some countries. In case you don’t see this option in Nutrium, contact our support team so we can consider making it available in your country.

To learn more about the mobile app benefits, click here

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