One of the key factors nutrition professionals take into account when evaluating the success of any nutritional and dietetic treatment is the client's measurements. From now on, your client will be able to see them anytime on Nutrium's mobile app.

How to access measurements?

  • On the upper left-side menu, click on "Measurements"

  • Then, every measurement that's on the client's profile will be shown on the app. The ones in dark gray represent the current measurement, whilst the ones in light gray and in parenthesis represent the changes since the last measurement.

  • In this section, the client will be able to select any measurement available and check with more detail their progress, by week, month or year.

Next, we give you an example with the weight as a measurement to better explain the meaning behind each detail:

On the following graphic of weight progress, the values shown are: Current weight (last registered measurement), the goal (established previously by the nutrition professional) and the Maximum value (determined automatically by the software).

The client can also check other statistical values, such as: goal, distance to goal, current, total variation, maximum value and minimum value.

Lastly, in case your client wishes to see all of the records for a certain measurement, they can click on the button "See logs". On there, they can identify which measurements were registered by you, the professional (those with the green figure), or those that they added (with the grey figure).

Note: the weight is the only measurement the clients themselves can add to the app, as long as the professional is subscribed to the Follow-up version of the software.

To know more about plans and available versions, please check this article.

So, what do you think of this new feature? In case of doubts or additional questions, you can reach us directly on the chat or via email

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